Who says you can’t turn back time? I went back to preschool today! :-)

Ok just for a little while, but it was great!

I was able to visit my son’s class and observe the activities for a few hours, a great learning experience.

As of now I’m in awe of my four year old’s teacher.

I wasn’t before, everytime I saw her I thought: “How can anyone listen to that high chirpy voice all day long! No wonder these kids go beserk sometimes…ppffieuw. Oh no is she really going to stay with the class into the next year, thats a real pity”.

But I changed my mind within the first fifteen minutes of my two hours stay. Hat off to her and the assistent teacher. To keep control of  and entertain about twenty children while teaching them new things, peeling fruit, going to the bathroom etc etc.  I couldn’t do it nor would I have the patience for it.

That high pitched voice became an instrument with so much intonation, it was incredible. I found myself glued to my tiny little chair occasionally “poking” myself to be reminded: “You know what’s going to happen next, stop being so hypnothized by the teacher and pay attention to the kids!”. Those faces were worth a million bucks, I think mine was too.

Not all the kids were quite “present”, some of them were staring into invisible skies, others were checking out what they could find under their skirt, but they all had something in common, the fidgeting. I thought my son was Mr. Fidget numero uno but I’m reassured now, it runs in childrens’ genes.

I sneakily took some snapshots. Kids these days start to strike a pose as soon as they see a camera and wanted to keep it as natural as possible, without tongues coming out and big rolling eyes. Those shots are going to be my little present to the teacher to end the schoolyear. She deserves it.


First night…

No matter what they say, it always takes more then “seconds” to activate an account! It took me about 25 minutes, not bad…but not seconds people!

But hi! *putting on my nicest grin* 😉 I’m new as of tonight, it’s almost time for me to get some rest, but wanted to get a bit set-up before I did.

This all looks pretty professional, I must say! I almost feel like I’m supposed to be talking about very important stuff all the time whooohahaha, nope that’ not me. Might happen occiasionally!

I decided on starting a blogg..why?? I’m kinda goofy, kinda crazy, definately a mother… but instead of starting a diary & just talking to myself (did that as a kid and it ain’t fun until years later), why not do this?!

Going to shut down my, ahum, introduction for tonight, even if I don’t really have a clue how to do this, just yet, but I’m looking forward to browsing & reading into some other peoples lives, as well as writing about my own crazy business.

X Bohemian Mama

Ps: while I’m figuring out this saving & publishing thing…gotta have a cereal bar!

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