Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Just the other day I wanted to take a quick look at the manual for the new flippers I bought. Guess I was lucky there isn’t much to understand about them…



Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Hide them, hide them

Just so we can find them, we snap our fingers it’s parenting time

Disappear and reappear for family-shots

Don’t forget to hush, who cares that your stomach ties in knots

Mini grown-ups better play pretend or we hide them, hide them

Until we cannot find them…

Just a few months ago I attended a brunch for a baby shower which took place in a restaurant on a Saturday. The event was hosted by a few of the expecting mother’s best friends. During the weeks prior to the date, I can’t count how many mails were sent back & forth discussing the topic “Can the kids come?”.  Replies ranged from “No way” to a hesitant “I don’t mind” and lastly a stern ” They can come if they don’t cry!”.

I went to the place with my kid, armed with stuff for him keep himself busy and we settled in. A while after everyone had arrived and started to make trips to the buffet to sample all of that great food,  someone said “Oh my, we don’t HEAR him, at all!!”.  I was actually a bit surprised by the comment. True,  he was calm, he was enjoying his food as well. Why wouldn’t he be calm?

We got into the subject a little more and quite a few parents said that it would be impossible for them to take their kids to such a brunch and have them behave for a reasonable amount of time.  My response was: “But if you never take them to a restaurant, how will they learn what’s expected from them?”.

I mean it’s all about finding a balance at certain ages and stages, isn’t it? I know that with a two-year-old, it would have been very difficult (impossible!!) to have an enjoyable long lunch, in a restaurant, while having interesting conversations with the other guests (All of a sudden I have this classic image of flying food..shudder). But I wouldn’t have stayed away altogether either. A quick drop-in and a sandwich would have, definitely, been a possibility.

In the past, I have gotten up and left restaurants or cafe’s  where we were having a snack or meal, before we were done. Simply because sometimes it was the best option as the level of crankiness from my, then, little monster could not be lowered within an acceptable amount of time (for me or the audience).  Learn to pick you battles people! Even now that little man’s a bit older, he just turned 7 when the event took place and I think he should be able to come with me,  I make sure that a relatively boring lunch – as seen through kids eyes – will not turn into anything else. Say into appetizers & champagne as it did for some at the baby shower (oh how much fun those spontaneous hangouts can be!). But nope, we leave and go do something that’s fun for him too.

There’s an enormous amount of pressure on parents, kids & humans in general to be perfect an accomplished in every aspect of life, in this fast paced society.  Sometimes we forget that it takes a village to raise a child, the village might have burst out of it’s joints, but we all remain connected. That one annoyingly loud kid next to you might be your caregiver one day. How will it learn to have patience, tolerance and respect if it hasn’t first received it from his peers?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I added a couple of silhouettes to my entry of the weekly challenge about happiness , so at first I thought “Ooohh nooo, I needed them here!” But I had fun digging through my “archives” to see if I could come up with a few more.

I never gave it any thought before, but I actually like silhouettes a LOT and judging by the gorgeous entries I’ve seen, lots of people do.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This is a BIG door, right?!

I took this picture a couple of years ago and as pointed out in the challenge description, it helps to have an “average sized” subject in the picture to be able to determine just how big something is. That’s why I asked the cutest kid in the world – Oh surprise, that’s my son! – to pose in front of it. It was the start of a big fun day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy (2nd try!)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Flying makes me happy

Visiting family in Africa makes me happy

Looking at wide open spaces makes me happy

Bright lights and movement make me happy

Doing absolutely nothing can make me very happy sometimes!!

Fast rides in amusement parks definitely make me happy :-))

Retro stuff makes me happy

Water and boats make me happy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Melo-Cakes….All Mine!

I just  can’t help it, whenever I think about  Melo-Cakes I think about eating them, no savoring them, all alone.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small six-pack or a family-pack, sharing never ever comes to mind. My seven year old knows instinctively to not even ask for a little taste, for as soon as I unload the groceries…the Melo-Cakes discreetly disappear in the fridge. I’d give him the last bite of any delicious meal we’ve ever eaten if I knew he was still hungry, but do not touch the Melo-Cakes!

Those only come back out when the house is quiet and I have the feeling I’m all alone. I love the crispiness of the refrigerated chocolate on the outer layer, while I’m already anticipating the white sugary spongy bit right beneath it. And last but not least, the cookie has to go!

My simple pleasure, mine alone.

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