Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I took this week’s challenge quite literal, but I tried not to fall into a cliché either.

So no, these aren’t little garlic cloves, in case you are wondering what the heck they are. These are my son’s cute little milk-teeth and I think they are a great example of renewal. They remind me of the constant state of renewal our bodies are in…our hair, skin, nails, bones etc. regenerate constantly and that is SO amazing!

I only wish that Mother Nature would have thought of providing a new set of sparkling new teeth every 20 years or so, but I guess it was impossible to foresee that at one point in time humans would basically last forever. 😉


Out with the old, time to renew…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

I can’t say this was an easy challenge for me, my initial response was:” Uughh noooo”. But after that first bout of enthusiasm I enjoyed the process of trying to open up to it and I started to use my eyes in an unfamiliar way. Anything too “logic or mathematical” scares me somehow, maybe because it can come across as stern and hard, but I have to rethink that now (well trying anyway). So thanks for the challenge, it definitely challenged me!

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