WeeklyPhoto Challenge: Afloat

MMMhh not so easy because I added a  great (in my opinion) floaty picture to last weeks challenge (Blur) as an extra and when I got the mail for this week, I was like: “OOhhh nooooo, I used mine already!”.

But I’m over that now lol. You can read about the challenge here: Afloat.

The first picture is part of a painting I own, painted by a sweet friend as a weddinggift. The marriage is a distant memory, but the waterlilies are still happily afloat in my livingroom….

The second picture brings us to the fountain, where the water gets shot up, keeps ascending to a certain point and then stays afloat in the wind, just for a while.

And the third photo I took some time ago when the sight of a sunny lemon afloat in my tea on a grey day made me feel a lot chirpier!

By Toshi



Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Below you will find the blurred version of the picture.
If you want you can take a minute to think about what it is.

Any idea?



Above you’re looking at the sharp picture, maybe you can see what it is now? It still looks quite different from it’s original state. It’s a “dried” fig in water kefir :-).

It’s sugars feed the kefir grains so that in return they can produce healthy probiotics. I think it looks quite funky, floaty, foggy and extra terrestrial, that’s why I did a little extra collage below.

WK gallery

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