Signature Artist of the Month: Mariana Alija…

For some, the idea of working with their romantic partner sounds like a recipe for disaster. But for the Barcelona-based iStock by Getty Images photographers Mariana Alija and Armando Orbon, it’s the key to their success.

Signature Artist of the Month: Mariana Alija…

Follow along as this Barcelona-based photography team collaborates to create stunning images. Whether they’re shooting something humorous, surreal or showing the world from up above, this creative duo never ceases to amaze. Learn more about our October Signature Artists of the Month, Mariana Alija and Armando Orbon.

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors


Images that Influence

Images that Influence: Learn how to quickly choose images that get results with this webinar.

Images that Influence

In an increasingly cluttered world of marketing, how do you ensure your message is the one that’s remembered? By choosing the right image. In this short talk you’ll learn how selecting the right image can make your campaign more effective, leading to more views, clicks and brand recall from your audience. Photo: Miroslav Georgijevic

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

Prestige Grant 2016 Winners

Announcing the Getty Images’ Prestige Grant 2016 Winners 📷: Laura Pannack

Prestige Grant 2016 Winners

We are excited to announce the recipients of the 2016 Getty Images Prestige Grant, which will support two outstanding creative photographers to realise a dream project. 📷: Laura Pannack

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

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