Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Melo-Cakes….All Mine!

I just  can’t help it, whenever I think about  Melo-Cakes I think about eating them, no savoring them, all alone.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small six-pack or a family-pack, sharing never ever comes to mind. My seven year old knows instinctively to not even ask for a little taste, for as soon as I unload the groceries…the Melo-Cakes discreetly disappear in the fridge. I’d give him the last bite of any delicious meal we’ve ever eaten if I knew he was still hungry, but do not touch the Melo-Cakes!

Those only come back out when the house is quiet and I have the feeling I’m all alone. I love the crispiness of the refrigerated chocolate on the outer layer, while I’m already anticipating the white sugary spongy bit right beneath it. And last but not least, the cookie has to go!

My simple pleasure, mine alone.


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