WeeklyPhoto Challenge: Afloat

MMMhh not so easy because I added a  great (in my opinion) floaty picture to last weeks challenge (Blur) as an extra and when I got the mail for this week, I was like: “OOhhh nooooo, I used mine already!”.

But I’m over that now lol. You can read about the challenge here: Afloat.

The first picture is part of a painting I own, painted by a sweet friend as a weddinggift. The marriage is a distant memory, but the waterlilies are still happily afloat in my livingroom….

The second picture brings us to the fountain, where the water gets shot up, keeps ascending to a certain point and then stays afloat in the wind, just for a while.

And the third photo I took some time ago when the sight of a sunny lemon afloat in my tea on a grey day made me feel a lot chirpier!

By Toshi



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